Together fathers can change the system – our kids & our future depend on it

Disclosure Scheme

Mothers who breach family court orders.

The ABF is considering rolling out a Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme to provide fathers with the ability to share information with members of the public about mothers and grandmothers who knowingly breach Family Court orders.

The ABF understands how important it is to call out domestic violence where ever it is seen in our communities. We will provide this disclosure scheme which would not only operate inline with our zero tolerance approach to all domestic violence, but would also help reduce further incidents of domestic violence.

We must not be bystanders to the ongoing violence and abuse experienced by fathers and their children. We must DO SOMETHING to end family and domestic violence

All to often, fathers who have paid hundreds-of-thousands of dollars for court orders find that their time and money is wasted as the orders made by the court are blatantly ignored by mothers and grandmothers. This is deliberate criminal behaviour which often goes unpunished, leaving children, fathers and extended family members exposed to ongoing financial, physical, emotional and psychological abuse.

Two Questions:

Would you support an online register detailing breaches by mothers and grandmothers who have ignored court orders and committing acts of domestic violence? 

Do you think a photo register of parents who ignore court orders would discourage further breaches?

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